1. How can we contact you?

You can contact us using the following means:
Call the central office by dialing this number: +1-000-000-0000
Send us an email via our support email address or the “Send a Message” option on the “My Profile” page.
Connect directly to our support managers via Live Chat.


1. Why do I need to be registered?

Registration on GoodPlayers website is a condition for using all the products available on the website. Registration entitles you to open a GoodPlayers account free-of-charge and without obligations. Use the account to manage your bets and personal data. You can make bets with real money after you replenish your account.

2. How can I register on your website?

To register on our website visit the “Register” section in the upper right corner. Please be careful and take into account the proposed registration requirements in order to avoid further problems. We recommend that you get acquainted with our rules in advance.

3. Why should I specify my personal data when registering?

The accuracy of your data is a condition of using our products. Management of your money in your GoodPlayers account is implemented in a similar way to a bank account. We need to know your first name and last name, as well as your current residential address. By entering your date of birth you verify that you are of legal age to use the services of GoodPlayers. It is important for us to have your email address so that if you forget your password or want us to send you notifications, we will be able to get in touch with you by email.
American Football

a. The overtime is taken into account in the calculation of all markets, except for the market “the first half / match”, “The difference in points” and “The outcome of the fourth quarter”.
b. If a match is interrupted for more than 24 hours , all bets are refundable, except for the ones, the outcome of which was clearly defined by the time the match was stopped.
c. If a match was postponed for more than 24 hours, all bets are refundable.
d. The following items are suggested for betting on American football:

1. Winner.

Here you predict the outcome of the match. The rates are accepted taking into account the overtime.

2. Total.

If as a result of the match the total number of goals scored is equal to the total of the rate, bets are returned. The same applies for the individual total of a team or a player.
The rates are accepted taking into account the overtime.

4. The first half / match.

To win the bet, you have to guess the outcome of the first half and the match. The overtime is not taken into account.

5. Rates on a quarter.

Rates are offered on the winner, the winner with a handicap or the total number of points corresponding to the quarter of the match. Which team is leading in the match after the corresponding quarter, is not taken into account. The overtime is not taken into account.

6. The first / last scorer of the touchdown.

To win the bet, you should guess, respectively, the scorer of the first or last touchdown in the match. The player must play more than the first second in the match in order for bets to be considered valid, otherwise bets will be void.

7. Betting on the first half.

To win a bet, you need to guess the winner of the first half of the match. Bets are void if the match is interrupted before the end of the second quarter.
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